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Black and white headshot of Blaze. Blaze is smiling, showing teeth, and is wearing two nose piercings and earrings.

Hi, I'm Blaze. 

I am a white, trans non-binary queer therapist living in the shadow of Mt. Tahoma in Seattle, Washington. 

I blend deep compassion for my clients with direct, authentic reflection. I create safe, relational, and real space for clients to confront their defenses and connect with their core emotions. My goal is to help you move beyond overthinking and into the heart of your experience. My direct, relational style is especially effective for individuals who tend to 'over-talk,' use words to obscure their deeper feelings, or feel their emotions are unsafe to share with others. 

I am kink literate, pro-sex workers, fat liberation, environmental justice, and harm reduction. I am untethering myself from white-supremacy culture and I believe that to be queer is to be divine. All of these alignments are personal, political, and professional. I identify as spiritual, creative, and introverted. Previously, I have worked in early childhood research, emergency homelessness services, group practice, and in eating disorder recovery. In my down time, I love to dance, read non-fiction, and tend to an ever-expanding brood of houseplants. 

Health is not a condition that one introspectively feels in oneself. Rather, it is a condition of being involved, of being in the world, of being together with one's fellow human beings, of active and rewarding engagement in one's everyday tasks. - Hans-Georg Gadamer 1996

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