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Individual Therapy

I see individuals 13-years-old and up of all backgrounds currently located in Washington state. I specialize in the following areas:

  • complex trauma (C-PTSD) and relational trauma

  • EMDR

  • eating disorders (restrictive and non-restrictive types)

  • challenges with body image

  • queer and gender affirming care

  • mood and anxiety

  • ecological grief

  • sex, desire, and erotic satisfaction​

I am kink and polyamory literate, neurodiversity affirming, sex-worker friendly, pro harm reduction and fat liberation. I love working with queers and creatives of all kinds. I work with cultural humility and acknowledge the presence of my whiteness in work with clients of color. 

For clients who have a recent history of disordered eating, please plan to coordinate between myself and your dietician (RD) to ensure that you receive the appropriate level of care. I am a HAES and fat liberation aligned provider. 

A special note for people under the age of 18- The age of medical consent in Washington state for psychotherapy is 13-years-old (RCW 71.34.530). In my practice, you get to decide if you will see me as your therapist and you get to decide how your parents or guardians are involved in your care so long as I can determine you are safe (which is the same rule for adults). You may be ambivalent or unsure about therapy. I welcome your caution, this is not always easy work. Attending therapy is sometimes challenging, and it is important that you choose this for yourself.

You may want to try therapy if you feel one or more of the following:

  • Tiredness all the time

  • Trouble focusing

  • Racing or repeating thoughts

  • Jumpiness

  • Agitation, annoyance, or bursts of anger

  • Constant worry about your friends or relationships

  • Anxiety, panic, or overwhelm

  • Feeling like you have no control

  • A sense that no one understands you or you have no one to talk to

  • Negative feelings about yourself and/or your body

  • Recent loss of a loved one

  • A history of challenging life events

I also work with young people looking to explore gender and their relationship to their queer identity.

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