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Mediation + Conflict Resolution

Mediation and conflict resolution are often central elements of our healing path. Learning how to come together after rupture is powerful medicine for our attachment and community resilience. Involving a facilitator in your conflict process can be helpful when you feel you are stuck having the same arguments over and over, when you feel you are at an impasse, or when you feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting everyone in a room together. Involving a facilitator can also be helpful when the conflict involves a group larger than two or three, or where there are many competing needs.

When acting as a conflict resolution facilitator, I do not practice as a therapist. It is important to keep in mind that many of the skills of a therapist (especially a group therapist) are transferrable, but the attitude of a conflict resolution facilitator is not a medical stance and is not suitable for treatment for ongoing health concerns. That being said, you may choose to work with me because I bring a trauma informed lens to conflict resolution. The main modality I use in conflict resolution is Restorative Circle.

The majority of my conflict resolution work has been centered around groups or communities attempting to care for each other in alternative, non-normative ways. For example, living or working cooperatives, niche hobby or interest communities, and those seeking a transformative justice process. I work with all conflict clients on a case-by-case basis.

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